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please read or watch video before filling appointment form


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​​My main goal is to ensure you get the best tattoo possible, and this is what I need to make that happen:

  • Chose 2 or 3 THEMES that  your willing to get tattooed and convey the mood you are looking for.  This provides me with some flexibility to pick which idea I can do the best. 

  • we highly recommend to Let me determine the placement of the images as this will provide the best flow and guarantee that the art work will appear the best on you. 


Over the last 15 years I have learned many ways to design long lasting, beautiful body art, by giving me some freedom to choose how to execute your theme, we can create a masterpiece!


  • suggest someone else if your idea does not suit the work that I do best.

  • if books are open we will ask that you pay a booking fee to Get a day booked in the schedule. you can book multiple days with the same deposit, and it will come off the last session of your project. 

  • I will suggest a number of sessions to reserve, including a consultation session to design your idea in person (due to the high number of request we don't offer free consultation sessions.)

  • once you have an appointment, we can reach out in case of earlier cancellations. 


  • My current rate is 300/hr

  •  Half day : $1200  (4hrs.)

  • full day:$2000  (7hrs.)

  • priority booking is available for a higher rate, please inquire if interested

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